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My goal in becoming a doula was to help foster an environment of confidence, trust and quiet reassurance during birth. I believe that every expectant mother’s body is a beautifully designed vessel.  One that is perfectly equipped to hold, shelter, and then pour out her baby into the world with dignity and comfort.   I love being a mom and would be honored to help support you in having the best experience possible during  the incredible miracle of birth.  As a mom to four almost grown children, I have more resources than ever before to share with birthing families. 
I met my husband at PLNU. We’ve been married for 24 years and have 2 boys and 2 girls; ages 15, 17, 19, and 21. My family, along with my pets (my Coton, Gus and my Golden doodle, Winnie -June and my daughter’s four cuddly bunnies) keep me feeling supported and grounded as I serve my families. 

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Let’s meet up and see if we’re a good “match” so to speak. The role of a doula is to offer non-medical, but emotional and physical support to both mom and partner. Birth can be a long process, and not one to be rushed.  I will stay with you the entire birth, encouraging and helping in anyway that supports the process best. I am able to tailor my services and make a customized plan that works best for your personal needs. 

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With my birthing guidance, I will offer unwavering support to you and your family before, during and after birth.  My suggestion is to have an initial meeting via zoom to get know each other. If you find you would like my assistance, we can set up the next meeting based on your comfort level.                                      

Whenever  you’re  comfortable after your birth  I would  love to check in on your new little family!  

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Training and pricing: 
My training and certification is through DONA international.My pricing is currently $2,300.00. This price includes: -* An initial zoom interview with my doula partner and myself to establish if we’re a good match for each other, if hired, an in person prenatal in your home including a Spinning Babies parent education class, a second prenatal via zoom to discuss goals and get to know each other. - *unlimited phone/ text support - *The BIG event - the birth!,and a postpartum visit after birth. I have chosen to collaborate with a very experienced doula and we will work as a team to ensure that you have everything you need to feel supported in every possible way through your birth. Please see our shared website, for more details on the care our team will provide. Birth classes are now offered by my partner and myself - message me to inquire. 

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A heart at peace gives life to the body. Proverbs 14:30 
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For interest in connecting: please fill out an interest  form on my shared website: 
Or text @760-809-1642 

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Laura is a very understanding and empathetic doula. My labor and delivery story had a lot of changes along the way that needed quick desicion-making; it was helpful to have her to bounce ideas off of. She listens well and helped me feel empowered throughout the process. She also has a good sence of humor and lightens up even hard/scary moments. She was also able to provide us with some postpartum care as well that was really helpful especially in those early days. Thank you Laura, we are so glad to have you as part of our story! 

Hailey Snyder


Laura is fantastic! I have nothing bad to say about her. She helped out tremendously & answered any and all questions we had from start to finish. Even now after having our daughter, she still stays in contact to see how we're doing and loves getting updates. Laura was there for us from the start of contractions (she was here at 1am to help) until the end. She offered, massages, words of encouragement, and a lot more. Laura has many years of experience and kids of her own so that definitely helped ease any worries I had through out the process. If I could have her travel with me when we have more kids in the future to be there to help deliver, I totally would! Such a supportive, loving & caring doula! Thank you Laura for everything! 

Roxana Gutierrez


I want to give our sincere thanks to Laura for doing such an outstanding job. She arrived the day of labor in the hospital and from the get-go, she was so helpful, from offering advice when we reached crucial junctures, to moral support when it was time to push or make other decisions during labor. When our labor period was extended, she stayed with us throughout the night to ensure that we weren't alone and that we had someone experienced and poised in our corner. After the baby was delivered healthy and safe, Laura continued to maintain contact in the days afterward to make sure everything was OK. We would definitely recommend Laura to any parent looking for an experienced, personable doula—especially for those giving birth for the very first time like we were.

Alyssa Fiscus


When I was 7 months pregnant, I decided I wanted to give natural birth a go; I came to this website since I knew I wanted a private Doula for both home laboring and the hospital delivery. When I called Laura the first time she answered right away and spent over 30 minutes getting to know me and asking all the right questions. After that conversation, I knew I didn't need to interview anyone else - I felt so comfortable.

On our first visit, Laura brought another Doula from her cohort to make sure if she wasn't available for our delivery, that someone would be and we would also get along with them. We went over our birth plan, packing our hospital bags, and preparing for postpartum recovery. In the weeks following the first visit, Laura kept in close contact and sent so many resources to me.

I ended up being induced instead of going into labor naturally so I did not labor at home at all. Before the induction, Laura discussed the emotions around the process with me and made sure I was comfortable with everything. When the day came, she was there at the hospital with us supporting the whole time. She helped support me and my husband through 15.5 hours of unmedicated labor. She was amazing with the support, suggesting different laboring positions and coaching my husband through supporting me. When I did ultimately decide to go with the epidural (after making only 2cm of progress with no breaks between contractions) she was fully supportive. She made me feel confident that I could get through anything, but also supported when I made a decision that I was trying to avoid.

After I delivered, having Laura there was a true godsend. I had a rough time with meds and was unable to hold my new baby. While my husband was being rushed into packing, Laura took the wheel and helped with caring for our babe. I'm so thankful she was there for us! I will have her again at our next child's birth in a heartbeat!

Laura M


We feel so fortunate to have found Laura to help us with the birth of our second child. Before the birth we met with Laura and her partner Kari, and they talked through with us our goals and expectations of the birth including all questions and concerns we had. We connected with both Laura and Kari right away and felt very supported. It was a comfort to know that if Laura wasn’t available for any reason that Kari would be available. Before the birth they were both in contact with me to answer my questions and they checked in with me frequently, which I greatly appreciated.

I don’t know what I would have done without Laura the day of the birth. She helped me through a long labor with intense back pain using massage and oils. She was the positive, encouraging, and calm presence that I needed to get through it. She helped me and my husband by talking through with us the many decisions to be made during a hospital birth.

Now postpartum Laura has continued to be a great resource and help to our family. As a mom herself I appreciate Laura’s knowledge and experience. She’s helped us with many things since we’ve been home including breastfeeding, baby wearing, with meals and nutrition advice, and in helping our first child with the changes a new baby brings. I highly recommend Laura’s Doula services to anyone!

Lauren Taborda


When I was pregnant with my first baby I wanted to pursue a natural birth. To accomplish my goal I knew I needed an experienced team to guide me through this endeavour mentally and phyiscally. When I met Laura I was immediately at ease, her sense of calm gave me confidence. She reviewed my personal goals, what to expect at home, in the hospital and and at home. She even went through my postpartum box with me!:) 

At my 34 week check-up our son was frank breech and my obgyn scheduled me for a c-section. Laura helped me research spinning babies, chiropractic care, natural breech births, positive affirmations, youtube videos and much more to try and get my son to turn. At 38 weeks, I chose to move forward with my scheduled c-section when our son was still frank breech. Laura was always postitive and supported me in whatever decision made me feel most comfortable. Day or night I knew Laura was there to support me!

Postpartum, Laura was amazing at following up and ensuring mama and baby had everything they needed. From sleep, food, breastfeeding, diaper rashes, you name it...Laura was willing to help!

Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum are each very personal experiences. Make sure you have the right team supporting YOU! I can't say enough good things about Laura and her team!

Larissa Proud


I had interviewed a few Doulas and wanted the warm fuzzies, I found them with Laura! Her and her partner Ginger were so kind, understanding, knowledgeable, reassuring and responsive. They were available via text for questions, concerns and prayers, they checked in with me often. The Friday 12noon zooms with other soon to be Mamas and new moms was/is a great way to connect, share and hear from the others.

Come 37 weeks they put my husband and me on a group text with the 2 of them. They checked in often, shared affirmations, tips etc.

Once I was in labor and was having regular contractions Laura came to help us at the house, she was so awesome and comforting. I wanted to remain at home as long as possible and was able to. We labored til contractions were pretty close together and then went to the hospital, I was 7cm!. She remained with me and my husband, offering us help laboring, lots of encouragement, help talking through healthcare options, breaks for my husband etc. She is a huge reason I was able to have the unmedicated, low intervention birth I desired. What a lovely woman and an incredible professional. Thank you Laura!! 




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Lina Boeller


So say it was wonderful having Laura by my side as I gave birth to my first child is an understatement. I was in the hospital for THREE DAYS before I eventually delivered my baby, and Laura was available every step of the way, helping guide me through challenging decisions and reassure me that everything was going to be OK. I am not sure how to quantify the value that she brought my husband and myself, but it was close to priceless. 

In this day-in-age, hospital births involve cycling through doc after doc after doc and nurse after nurse after nurse. Some are amazing, and some less so (to put it mildly). My family wasn't available during the time of my birth; and let's face it, even if they were, their presence would have been more stressful than anything. This means, Laura was the only constant, stable, positive presence throughout this time. 

She has a calming way about her, a healing touch, and a maternal instinct. She fed me honey sticks and beef jerky when I felt weak, she prayed with me when my spirit sank low. She captured photos that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I remember looking over at her when I was close to pushing out my baby. The smile on her face reassured me that everything was going to be OK.

Birth is the most intimate and vulnearable moment I have experienced in this lifetime. The stakes felt so high -- I so desperately wanted to meet my son and I wanted a guarantee that he would be healthy. Of course there are no guarantees. Navigating this experience was a test of physical endurance and faith. I don't know how women like Laura work in this profession. It takes an incredible amount of selflessness and strength to offer other women the support she is able to offer. I am eternally grateful. 

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Molly Baker


Laura was THE best I could've ever asked for to have as a Doula. Not only did she make me feel so comfortable while in a 28 hour labor but she traveled to NY from California to be with us! She was very professional and always vouched for us, to the nurses and doctors, when needed. The exercises she provides to help labor more comfortable took my mind off of my contractions. I can't wait for her to help me with my second!

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Bev M


My husband and I worked with Laura during the pregnancy and labor/birth of our first child. Laura has such a calming presence that made me and my husband very comfortable and confident working with her. She provided excellent education about comfort measures (including Spinning Babies stretches) and breathing during our prenatal meetings. Laura was also very responsive by phone/text during my pregnancy when we had questions come up about symptoms. She was wonderful during early labor and worked seamlessly with my husband to help guide us and supported us at home before we went to the hospital. Laura was such a grounding force during my hospital labor, which had some twists and turns, and she helped us feel so much more at ease throughout the process. She provided me with hands-on support (including massage, labor positioning techniques, and breathing) as well as emotional support (affirmations, encouragement, and loving words). I credit her expertise and empathy to facilitating a positive birth experience that helped me feel empowered and confident. We will always be incredibly thankful for Laura's guidance that helped bring our baby girl into the world! 

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Nadia and Kyle Dion


I truly don’t know how I (and my husband and mom) could’ve gotten through labor without Laura by our side. She was there every second of my 76 hour labor and more. Advocating for me, keeping myself and my family informed and helping to comfort me as best she could. She truly cares and loves her clients as if they are family.


This was my first pregnancy and was very unexpected. I experienced many waves of emotions and overwhelm throughout my pregnancy journey. Having Laura as a constant support provided so much comfort and reassurance. My husband wasn’t sure if a doula was necessary at first but after this experience he couldn’t imagine my labor without her. We’re so thankful for Laura and the love she provided during such a sacred time.

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Abby and Karrington Chaney


We loved our experience with Laura and couldn't imagine labor/birth without her support! We connected with Laura right away the first time we met. She was dedicated to ensuring my needs were met before and during labor. She is knowledgeable and experienced. I gained access to great resources, including a mother support group through Laura and her doula partner, Ginger. I am grateful I chose Laura to be my doula! 

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Jenny White


I am so grateful to have met and gotten to be cared for by Laura! She is warm, caring, knowledgeable, and her presence is incredibly peaceful. My husband and I hired her for our planned homebirth. She always made herself available whenever I had questions or needed to talk. Laura came and supported me while I labored at home (for a LONG time!) and continued to support us as I had to transfer to the hospital. She stayed overnight and helped keep me calm & comfortable. Not only is she an amazing doula, but I can also say she has become an amazing friend. Laura, you are such a blessing and it's so special to see you fulfilling God's purpose for you!

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